You can look at sunrise above the sea here, Samed Island - Thailand

The Resort on Sang Tian Beach


     At Vikings Holidays Resort, we are a small 2-star resort locating in a peaceful area on Samed Island.  Should you be looking for the rejuvenation, this place is certainly right for you.

Travelling To Viking Holidays Resort


     Visiting Viking Holidays Resort is very convenient by 2 ways.  After you arrive one of the piers travelling between Ban Phe and Samed Island, you can choose either a speed boat that can take you directly to the resort, or a regular ferry, which will stop at the pier on Samed Island, and you just hire a green taxi to Viking Holiday Resort on Sang Tian Beach.


*Please note: There will be surcharges for the tourists subjected to the local pier maintenance and the national park administration upon arrival.

Things To Do at Viking Holidays Resort 


     Calmness is the primary goal of those who love to visit Viking Holidays Resort. Here is a private, quiet resort yet not too far from the exciting activities around the island.  Visitors can expect non-disturbed beach and fresh air during their days and enjoy parties on the other beaches during nights. 

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